Frequently Asked Questions

I want to submit a question — is it really Shallon who answers?

Yes! No bots, assistants or ghostwriters in the Shallontourage. 🙂

How much does she write back?

A lot. You will not be getting a lame ~follow your dreams!~ copy/paste answer from The Queen. Every question is answered thoroughly, clearly and thoughtfully. But def follow your dreams though.

Why is there a limit to how much I can write?

Sometimes, a summary is worth a thousand words. How we choose to TL:DR a situation is often more telling than billions of details. It forces us to get to the heart of a matter, and it’s easier for Shallon to see what’s really going on.

If I REALLY want to write more, can I pay for more than one question?

Sure, just use the same subject line with “part 2” or “part 3” etc added on so she can keep track.

Can I write Shallon back after she replies?

At this time, the website doesn’t have that functionality 🙁 But we are working on it! If you want to thank her for her advice, kindly leave a review here. A comment on Instagram is also very, very appreciated!

I sent her a DM on Instagram, will she reply there?

No. The only way to contact her is here, on this site.

Why is Shallon the literal best?


What are the Terms & Conditions for asking her a question?