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Love her!

5.0 rating
December 26, 2019

Love, love, love the advice that Shallon gave me. Despite being a dating expert (loved her video on How To Be Single On Valentine’s Day)I realised through her YT content that she is knowledgeable in other areas as well (college, living in a big city, etc), and was pleasantly surprised by her answer.
Cosmopolitan dubbed her as a ”Carrie Bradshaw meets Dr. Phil” and I attest to that. She has many sides to her personality (some contradictory, but that is the essence of being human) and her ability to entertain is my favourite, only after the side of her that enjoys helping others.
Many people who click on a Shallon video might come for the gossip, or the ‘tea’ (and there’s PLENTY of that) but there were nuggets of wisdom that I would pick out and say “Aha! That is on point.” The one that I liked the best is that alphas don’t try to tear other people down, they’re pack builders with quiet confidence. It’s true!
I look forward to seeing how her channel and content will grow and improve.